Al ingresar a la universidad los y las estudiantes se enfrentan al desafío de leer, escribir y comunicarse oralmente según las convenciones y modos de pensar que son propios de las diferentes disciplinas. ¿Te has enfrentado ya a leer un capítulo de libro teórico, a escribir un informe de laboratorio o a preparar una defensa de examen oral?. Pues bien, en estos recursos encontrarás herramientas para enfrentar estos y otros desafíos similares.

Writing in English

Writing in any language requires knowledge of things like vocabulary, grammar, and text structures, among others. Writing in a second language poses additional challenges, as it usually takes much longer and we may not feel confident enough to express and organize our thoughts. The fact that it might take us longer to finish doesn’t mean we won’t be able to solve a writing task. You can learn and improve your writing in English, particularly academic English, with practice, patience, and some strategies and tips you will find in these pages.

Writing academic English

Writing is a reflective practice that requires an adequate command of a language. When it comes to academic English, you may face bigger challenges, but not anything you can’t overcome. You will need to consider the following: the genres or kinds of texts you have to write, the technical vocabulary of your area, and some common grammar structures of academic English. You should also keep in mind that your writing should be clear and simple to understand for others.

Writing Tip

Consider a good amount of time to spend writing, and if possible, let someone else read your text.

Writing abstracts

Writing academic English requires you to be straightforward and concise. You can improve your skills by writing abstracts, which are very short texts that communicate complex meanings. This website will help you write three different kinds of abstracts: article abstracts, conference abstracts and thesis or dissertation abstracts.

Let’s start!

Writing Tip

Don’t be afraid of using technical terms. You are writing and engaging ideas with experts in your discipline. Remember to write concise ideas: always consider the shortest and clearest way of explaining something.

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